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The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) strongly condemns the recent comments made by Labour frontbencher Wes Streeting regarding Israel’s defensive operations in Gaza. Streeting’s assertion that Israel has gone “beyond reasonable self-defence” is not only baseless but dangerously mischaracterises the situation. Israel’s military campaign in Gaza is a legitimate act of

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is pleased to announce the success of its recent event, “Demystifying the ICJ Case Against Israel: Expert Insights & Projections,” held on Tuesday, 13th February via Zoom. The event featured renowned international legal experts Andrew Tucker (The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation), Natasha Hausdorff (UK

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) vehemently condemns the troubling ruling by Judge Ikram in the recent case involving three women convicted of supporting Hamas during a pro-Palestinian march in London on October 14. Despite overwhelming evidence and the seriousness of the charges, Judge Ikram’s decision to downplay the defendants’ actions

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) condemns in the strongest terms the despicable and repugnant remarks made by Labour by-election candidate Azhar Ali, alleging that Israel callously sacrificed its citizens to justify an invasion of Gaza. Such reprehensible lies and incendiary rhetoric have no place in civil discourse and must be

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) voices profound concern and staunch disagreement with the recent judgement that has enshrined anti-Zionism as a protected belief in the workplace. The Bristol Employment Tribunal has ruled that academic David Miller was discriminated against at Bristol University due to his anti-Zionist views, a decision that

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) condemns the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the harshest terms for its shocking indifference and tolerance towards blatant antisemitism within its own ranks. The NJA is appalled by the BBC’s egregious failure to promptly address the vile antisemitic posts made by one of its senior

Lord Cameron Flirts With Disaster In Palestinian Statehood Remarks Steve Winston – Managing Director Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron’s recent dalliance with the idea of UK support for recognising a Palestinian state has set off alarm bells that compel the National Jewish Assembly to confront this perilous proposition head-on. Of paramount

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) stands in solidarity with Mike Freer, the veteran Member of Parliament, as he announces his retirement from frontline politics. His steadfast support for Israel and commitment to his constituents have been unwavering throughout his tenure, earning our deepest appreciation. Mr. Freer’s decision to step down

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) outright rejects Lord Cameron’s recent statements regarding the UK’s consideration of recognising a Palestinian state, especially at a time when Israel is at war with Hamas and continues to come under relentless attack by terrorist groups in the region – including in Judea and Samaria/the

The National Jewish Assembly vehemently condemns the abhorrent antisemitic attack that unfolded today at a kosher supermarket in London. This incident is a chilling testament to the surging wave of antisemitism that has found fertile ground on the streets of London, and we are both outraged and deeply concerned. In

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) unequivocally condemns the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) deeply flawed and morally bankrupt ruling on the Israel-Hamas conflict. This recent decision, which reflects a shocking disregard for moral clarity and factual accuracy, calls into question the ICJ’s commitment to justice and fairness. The ICJ’s ruling,

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) strongly condemns First Minister Humza Yousaf’s decision to invite Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Scotland. This invitation, made during a controversial meeting at the COP28 summit in December, raises serious concerns about Mr. Yousaf’s commitment to human rights, given President Erdogan’s track record. The

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