YNJA Events

YNJA, KCL Israel Soc & London JSocs Present:
Bagels & Broigus

In-Person Event
Monday, 13th November 2023
Ages 18 – 30
Central London Location

Join the Young NJA, KCL Israel Society and London JSocs for our latest Bagels & Broigus! Debate or spectate the evening’s motions while getting to know other young Jews over food and drink.

TH Fears the Far-Left More Than the Far-Right
THB the 2-State Solution is Dead
Plus a non-political surprise motion…

The event is open to all young Jews age 18-30, tickets are free and include food & drink.

The Conservative Party – the Jewish Community and relations between UK and Israel

In-Person Speaker Event
Wednesday 28th June 2023 7pm
Central London venue

With special guest Lee Anderson MP,
Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party


Does Radical Social Justice
Ideology Fuel Antisemitism?

With David Bernstein

NJA Zoom Speaker Event
Wednesday, 16th August 2023 7pm

David Bernstein is a a passionate advocate of the free expression of ideas and the State of Israel. He is the founder of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV) and the author of ‘Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews’. David is a prolific speaker, podcaster and writer, having written hundreds of opinion pieces in the Jewish and general press.

Join the NJA where David will discuss the link between radical social justice ideology and the promotion of both antisemitism and anti-Zionism, explaining how extreme beliefs within the ideology can contribute to negative attitudes towards Jewish communities and the state of Israel.


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