Jewish Life

The British Jewish community has enjoyed freedom of expression and thrived for decades under successive governments, for which we are grateful. During this time countless independent institutions and charitable bodies have been set up within the community that have included synagogues, schools and care organisations, alongside other important facets of communal life such as community security and paramedic services.

Sadly, over the years, parts of our community structure and individual expressions of religion, tradition and life have come under fire. Examples include the fundamental right to consume kosher food (shechita) and the ancient Jewish law of male circumcision (brit milah). In the event that these practices are outlawed, traditional Jewish life will be severely challenged.

The NJA will assist and endorse all efforts to protect shechita and brit milah. It will also promote other aspects of Jewish life, such as Jewish religious study, Jewish history and learning Hebrew. Additionally, it will support Jewish institutions in Britain.

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