Fighting Antisemitism

Antisemitism against Jews in Britain, in whatever form it takes, is a hatred that dates back hundreds of years and which, in the last century, took a horrific toll in its slaughter of European Jewry. Antisemitism is a light sleeper that does not differentiate in its targeting of secular and observant Jews, nor even those Jews who are atheists.

Recent statistics have shown that antisemitism is once again on the rise in the UK, emerging from both sides of the political spectrum as well as from some in other faith communities. It is imperative that every conceivable effort is made to combat antisemitism, however it manifests itself.

The NJA will work with other Jewish and non-Jewish groups to tackle antisemitism and promote all efforts to inform people regarding its evils and the horrendous consequences of its development. Such work will include supporting education initiatives, political lobbying and promoting dialogue with other communities.


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