There are two routes to membership:

Individuals can join for £18/person per annum or £10/person per annum with an Auto Renewal membership
Become a Member

Synagogues and other groups can join as affiliated organisations for a fee of £150 per annum. This entitles them to register up to 18 individuals as members. Different rates can be negotiated for varying numbers of members. Contact Us

Our Charter

We expect members to support our following principles:

We believe in fighting antisemitism. We have zero tolerance for any expression of antisemitism from wherever it emanates. All types of boycott and “BDS”, whatever form  they take and regardless of the Jews they target, are unequivocally antisemitic.

We believe in supporting the state of Israel. We support Israel’s welfare and standing in the UK by advocating for and defending the Jewish state and condemn any attempt to delegitimise and demonise it. However, we take no public position on internal Israeli matters nor on the country’s foreign policy.

We believe in defending and celebrating Jewish tradition. We cherish Jewish practices, promote our community’s accomplishments and encourage all British Jews to engage with and feel included in Jewish life. We may also seek to offer support to Jewish communities overseas, especially those in distress.

We also seek to unite the community by refraining from involvement in matters that do not directly impact Jews, in their capacity of being Jewish, or affect Israel.

Benefits Of Membership

The principal benefits of membership are:

  • To be invited to regular speaker meetings (either via Zoom or face-to-face)
  • To be able to attend and speak at assembly meetings and make your voice heard!
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