National Jewish Assembly hosts Zoom event with esteemed guest speakers

On March 21, 2023, the National Jewish Assembly (NJA) hosted an insightful event that brought together three distinguished guest speakers to discuss pressing issues facing the Jewish community and Israel.

The NJA is proud to have welcomed Ashley Perry, External Government Advisor at the Israel Government, Yossi Saunders, Founder and Editor of Jewish Weekly, and Dr. Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, as guest speakers at the event.

Ashley Perry, with his extensive experience in government, shared his insights on the challenges and opportunities in Israel’s current political landscape.

Yossi Saunders, a respected journalist and thought leader, offered his perspective on the role of media in keeping the Jewish community informed, and meeting a need for timely, accurate, and community-centric reporting.

Finally, Dr. Alan Mendoza, a renowned expert in international relations, discussed the overlapping and nuanced geopolitical situation in which Israel finds itself, especially as it grapples with Iranian’s ambitions to acquire a nuclear weapon.

The NJA extends its sincere gratitude to each of the guest speakers for their time and invaluable contributions to the event. Their insightful perspectives enriched the audiences’ understanding of the subject matter and offered new approaches to emerging challenges facing our community and Israel.

The National Jewish Assembly remains committed to organising events that bring together diverse voices and promote understanding within the Jewish community and beyond.

To see a full list of the NJA’s upcoming events, please follow this link:

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