The NJA welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the UK for official visit

The National Jewish Assembly is pleased to welcome Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an official visit to the United Kingdom. As a democratically elected leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit represents an opportunity for both countries to engage in meaningful dialogue, strengthening the bond between Israel and the United Kingdom.

Israel’s vibrant democracy is evident in the diverse range of opinions held by its citizens, both within the country and among the global Jewish Diaspora. It is essential to acknowledge that whilst Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government and its reforms have faced opposition, even from within the Likud party, they also have the support of a significant portion of the Israeli population and the Jewish Diaspora worldwide.

During this visit, Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and other senior government officials. The discussions will likely focus on furthering bilateral cooperation in areas such as trade, security, and technology. The NJA anticipates that the two leaders will explore opportunities for collaboration in tackling pressing global issues including regional stability, counter-terrorism, and curtailing Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

As two democratic nations committed to peace and prosperity, the United Kingdom and Israel share a long history of strong bilateral relations. This visit aims to further enhance these ties, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation in the face of the challenges both countries face in the 21st century.

The NJA values the United Kingdom’s long and robust relationship with Israel, and recognizes the importance of dialogue and collaboration between our countries. It is the belief of the NJA that by working together, we can overcome challenges and make progress on the path to peace, security, and prosperity for all.

The NJA looks forward to a productive and engaging visit that strengthens the ties between the United Kingdom and Israel.

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