NJA Welcomes Devon’s Apology but Raises Concerns over Donation to Anti-Zionist Organisation

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) welcomes the apology issued by LBC presenter Natasha Devon for her erroneous commentary on the Hamas attacks of October 7th. Devon’s initial comments cast doubt on the verified reports of sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli hostages, sparking an outcry from Jewish communities worldwide.

While her apology is a step in the right direction, the NJA expresses concern over Devon’s decision to donate her fee to the Diaspora Alliance, an organisation that promotes anti-Zionist views and promotes opposition to the widely accepted IHRA definition of Antisemitism. The NJA believes this action contradicts her professed commitment to factual accuracy and balanced discourse, particularly given the delicate nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

NJA Managing Director Steve Winston commented: “It’s encouraging to see Devon’s recognition of the mistake and her willingness to correct the record. However, her decision to support an anti-Zionist organisation like the Diaspora Alliance is disheartening and undermines the spirit of her apology. The Jewish community has faced enough division and misinformation; now is the time for unity and clarity. We hope Devon’s future contributions reflect a balanced perspective, avoiding any further polarisation.”

The NJA emphasises that fostering accurate, fair discussions is essential to addressing the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Misinformation and skewed narratives, whether intentional or not, perpetuate misunderstandings and heighten tensions, particularly within Jewish and Israeli communities.

The NJA reiterates its gratitude for Devon’s apology but urges her to consider how her actions, including the choice of recipients for her charitable donations, reflect on the broader discourse. Ensuring that the conversation surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains balanced and fact-based is crucial to achieving peace and mutual understanding.

The NJA continues to stand as a vigilant advocate for the Jewish community, committed to countering misinformation and promoting a fair, accurate dialogue on issues concerning Israel and Jewish life.

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