Correcting the Narrative: NJA’s Rebuttal to Yachad’s Letter

In response to a letter published by Yachad on April 25, 2024, and addressed to Lord Cameron, the National Jewish Assembly (NJA) has crafted this detailed rebuttal to clarify and correct the numerous erroneous claims and misguided ideas put forward by Yachad.

It is imperative for our community to ensure that discussions surrounding the Israeli-Hamas war are both accurate and comprehensive – two attributes that the Yachad letter lacks. This response by the NJA addresses each point raised by Yachad, striving to rectify the inaccuracies and biases promoted in its letter.

This rebuttal is structured to highlight each claim in the Yachad letter, provided as a quote in italics, with the NJA’s rebuttal below each Yachad claim.

To read or download the full rebuttal, please click here.

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