NJA Statement on Judicial Reforms in Israel

The National Jewish Assembly has noted the reaction of several organisations in the UK Jewish community regarding the passing of the first part of the judicial review legislation in Israel. Unlike some other Jewish groups, we have a consistent stance in passing no public comment, and taking no public view, regarding the wisdom or otherwise of the Knesset’s decisions.

The NJA believes that these matters regarding judicial review are entirely for Israelis. Jewish diaspora organisations, although they might have their own opinions, should not become involved or engage in lobbying in any way. Above all, the role of our community has been and must continue to be to support Israel in the diaspora in its fight against the Jew-haters, irrespective of internal developments within Israel. The NJA’s strong support for Israel remains totally unchanged regardless of the judicial review legislative outcome.

The NJA praises Israel’s residents for the mature, democratic and largely non-violent approach which they have adopted to a major internal challenge and hope that divisions on this issue within Israel will heal. The NJA is confident that Israelis will unite against external threats and work together to make the country more prosperous, and we support them in these endeavours.

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