National Jewish Assembly Outraged At IRGC Propaganda And Calls For Violence On UK Campuses

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) expresses profound outrage at the disturbing revelations of senior commanders from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) using a London-based student organisation to spread extremist antisemitic propaganda and incite violence within British universities.

The dissemination of hateful and dangerous ideologies on UK campuses by individuals sanctioned for human rights abuses is deeply concerning. It marks a troubling departure from the principles of academic freedom, tolerance, and inclusivity that universities should uphold.

The NJA condemns the IRGC’s direct involvement in disseminating regime propaganda within the UK, as revealed by the recordings obtained by the JC. The abhorrent statements made by IRGC commanders, such as the denial of the Holocaust and incitement to violence against Jews, pose a direct threat to the safety and well-being of Jewish students and communities in the UK.

It is disheartening to witness that the Islamic Students Association of Britain has facilitated these talks, allowing such reprehensible messages to reach British students. By promoting extremist ideologies that promote violence and hatred, they act as a willing arm of the Iranian regime, undermining the core values of our society.

The NJA stands alongside leading MPs, security experts, and the Jewish community in calling for strong preventative action. As a longstanding position of the NJA, the organisation urges the UK government to proscribe the IRGC as a terrorist group, making organising similar talks a criminal offence. Swift action is essential to safeguard the security and welfare of all citizens, especially university students who must feel safe and free from the influence of violent ideologies.

The NJA appreciates the calls from figures such as Sir Richard Dearlove, Tory MP Alicia Kearns, Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, and security expert Anthony Glees, who recognise the urgency of this matter. The organisation also joins former Brexit Secretary David Davis in urging the Foreign Office to act promptly to prevent further radicalisation and violence on UK soil.

The NJA calls upon the Islamic Students Association of Britain to account for their role in providing a platform for such dangerous rhetoric. The NJA stands with the Jewish community and allies in demanding accountability and responsibility from those who perpetuate hatred and incite violence.

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