National Jewish Assembly Condemns Vicious Antisemitic Rhetoric and Calls for Destruction of Israel at SWP’s Marxism 2023 Event

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) unequivocally condemns the repugnant and blatantly antisemitic remarks made at the far-left Socialist Workers Party’s (SWP) Marxism 2023 festival held at SOAS University in London. With deep concern, the NJA denounces the heinous calls for the “destruction” of the State of Israel and the outrageous rallying cries in support of “armed resistance” by the Palestinians during this abhorrent event, which brazenly featured prominent speakers like Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Loach.

Such calls for “armed resistance” by Palestinian factions necessitates the indiscriminate murder of Israelis. The speakers and attendees of the SWP conference have shown their true colours as blatant antisemites and the willing enablers of the murder of Jews. For these people, the only acceptable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the total annihilation of the Jewish state. This bloodthirsty rhetoric must be condemned as a clear incitement of violence.

The NJA finds it deeply troubling that the SWP’s Marxism 2023 festival descended into a cesspool of hatred and incitement against Israel, a vibrant and diverse democracy in the heart of a tumultuous region. The NJA categorically rejects the defamatory and inflammatory characterization of Israel as a “racist, apartheid” and “settler colonialist” state. Such baseless accusations only serve to perpetuate a hostile and divisive narrative, fanning the flames of intolerance and sowing discord in a region already fraught with tension. Moreover, it demonstrably puts British Jews at increased risk of being subjected to antisemitic attacks, when the normalisation of violence against the Jewish state is pontificated from the lectern at the SWP.

This egregious display of antisemitism is an affront to the principles of peace, understanding, and coexistence that the NJA holds dear. The NJA calls upon the SWP to publicly denounce the dangerous rhetoric that was propagated at its event and take concrete actions to prevent future incidents of antisemitism within its ranks. Freedom of speech does not grant immunity to hate speech or the incitement of violence, and the NJA insists that responsible leaders and organisations must be held accountable for their actions and their role in perpetuating intolerance.

It is incumbent upon all people of conscience to reject and combat antisemitism in all its forms. The NJA stands resolute in demanding that leaders, politicians, and organisations take a firm stand against antisemitism and hate, regardless of the political context. The NJA remains dedicated to fostering dialogues that promote understanding, cooperation, and peaceful resolutions to complex conflicts.

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