NJA Response to Report on Antisemitism in the National Union of Students

The NJA is dismayed, but unfortunately not surprised, at the findings of the independent report published today into antisemitism in the NUS.

It shows the abuse which Jewish students have had to face for far too long from the very organisation which should have been protecting them.

We find it shocking that Jewish students, rightly proud of their identity but just looking to fully embrace university life, have had to suffer for no reason other than being Jewish and it is disgraceful that this culture was allowed to go on for such a long time.

Young NJA Chairman Michael Rowe said, “We fully support the recommendations for improvement and thank Rebecca Tuck KC for her thorough report. We also take this opportunity to thank the Government for taking a strong stance against the NUS’ appalling behaviour and call for the continuation of suspended ties between the two until it is clear that there has been a complete end to the antisemitism within the NUS.”

Jewish students deserve to be treated fairly by the very organisation whose existence is based on properly representing all students. The NUS’ mandate should not be contingent on the racial, religious, or political identity of its members – including those who support Israel.

While we welcome the press statement promising reforms from the NUS, the NJA await to see if the NUS is capable of doing so and stands ready to assist, for the benefit of Jewish students across the UK.

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