NJA Condemns Labour Shadow Minister Charalambous for Supporting Recognition of a Palestinian state

The NJA are very concerned about the comments of Labour Shadow Minister for the Middle East Bambos Charalambous, delivered during an address at the Jewish Labour Movement’s (JLM) one-day conference on January 8.

At the conference, Charalambous declared that “We would recognise a Palestinian state, as things stand.” Notwithstanding Charalambous’ enthusiasm for recognising a Palestinian state, the important details of what and how such a gesture would take place are still missing, as he himself admitted, “Obviously what that looks like would depend on where we are if and when there is a Labour government.”

The NJA is disappointed that Charalambous would offer such short-sighted and tokenistic policy promises that not only fail to contribute to achieving a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, but also grant validity and legitimacy to corrupt and militant Palestinian factions including Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Fatah in Judea and Samaria.

The Palestinian Authority has avoided, for many years, engaging in negotiations with Israel about state-building, and has instead attempted to cudgel international fora to establish a Palestinian state without direct recognition of Israel, nor promoting a climate of peace. Charalambous’ intent to recognise a Palestinian state, too, is no recipe for peace.

The NJA urges Charalambous to revise Labour’s policy towards supporting the recognition of a Palestinian state and instead offer to contribute, where welcome, to supporting peace-building initiatives between Israel and the Palestinians.

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