National Jewish Assembly disturbed by Labour MP Rupa Huq’s Tweet featuring Anti-Zionist Activist

The National Jewish Assembly condemns the recent tweet posted by Labour MP Rupa Huq featuring a photograph of herself and anti-Zionist activist Hilary Wise.

Wise has previously made inflammatory comments about claims of antisemitism within the Labour Party and urged delegates at the party’s 2018 conference to watch the controversial Al Jazeera program, ‘The Lobby.’ The NJA is deeply troubled by Huq’s decision to associate herself with Wise and her views.

The NJA welcomes the news that Huq has issued an “unreserved apology” for her actions and has deleted the tweet. The NJA appreciates her recognition that the opinions expressed by Wise are unacceptable and harmful. However, it is important that MPs exercise caution when interacting with individuals and groups whose views may be damaging to vulnerable communities, such as the Jewish community.

The NJA urges all politicians to be mindful of the impact of their actions and associations on minority communities and to actively work towards building bridges and promoting understanding. The NJA hopes that this incident will serve as a reminder of the need for careful consideration and sensitivity in political discourse.

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