NJA Speaker Event with Mark Regev, Former Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom

The NJA was excited to host our latest speaker event with honored guest Mark Regev – Former Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingtom and current Chair of the Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy at Reichman University.

During the hour-long event, Regev was interviewed by David Rose, Politics and Investigations editor at the Jewish Chronicle, who raised timely questions regarding the new Israeli government, the state of the Israel-Diaspora relationship, and Israel’s current and future security challenges.

In addition to providing a sober analysis of Israel’s most pressing challenges – including Palestinian terrorism, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and BDS – Regev gave numerous reasons to be hopeful for Israel’s future as it continues to forge relationships in the Middle East, improve its defense capabilities, and lead in numerous sectors.

Regev also encouraged Jews in the UK to be vocal in challenging lies, historical revisionism, and pernicious narratives that foster antisemitism and advocate for the destruction of Israel.

The NJA wishes to thank the almost 100 guests who joined the virtual event and for participating in the Q&A session.

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