NJA condemns Palestinian terrorist organisations for constructing tunnel under UNRWA school in Gaza

The NJA unequivocally condemns Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist factions for illegally constructing underground tunnels beneath UNRWA schools (United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestine Refugees).

Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian terrorist organisations’ callous disregard for the life of Gazans is typified by their willingness to place children, schools, and other civilian infrastructure directly in the firing line.

The NJA notes that in a statement by UNWRA on November 29, the body was unwilling to identify the Palestinian terrorist organisations who are likely responsible for tunnelling underneath the school, and preferred to euphemistic refer to the terror tunnel as a, “man-made cavity.”

NJA Vice Chairman Steve Winston said, “By building their terror tunnels under a school, we once again see irrefutable evidence of Palestinian terrorist factions in Gaza intentionally endangering the lives of innocent children. Perhaps as disturbing is the fact that UNRWA could only refer to the terror tunnel as a “man-made cavity”, despite this not being the first terror tunnel found beneath UNRWA infrastructure. Including it’s schools. Mind you, with UNRWA׳s curriculum and an unhealthy number of its teachers, as recently as July 2022, still espousing hateful incitement and antisemitic content, their refusal to call the tunnel out for what it is should perhaps come as no surprise.”

The NJA urges Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist organisations to immediately cease their activities which, aside from posing an ongoing threat to Israel, continue to compromise their own innocent civilians, including children.”

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