Young NJA stands against the Union of Jewish Students’ (UJS) attempt to interfere in Israel’s elections

The Young NJA stands firmly against the UJS’ attempts to interfere in the outcome of Israel’s democratic system. One of the many reasons why we are so proud of the modern State of Israel is the emphasis it puts on democracy with voting rights not based on religion, but on equality.

We were fortunate to again witness this process in action recently and the Israeli public have given their view.

It is not for us, or anyone else, to say that they made the wrong choice and it needs reversing – quite the opposite in fact.

The UK Jewish community should proudly promote the unique reality that, unlike its neighbours, the world’s only Jewish State respects the democratic rights of all its citizens and rightly so.

The Young NJA calls on the UJS to focus on their role of standing-up for Jewish students on UK campuses.

Their statement will only inflame tensions and does not recognise the fact that whichever parties form a government, Jew or Arab, there will always be those who seek Israel’s demise.

The UJS claim to be speaking on behalf of a ‘cross section of Jewish students’ but it is in fact the Young NJA who are the voice of the pro-Israel majority who agree that the make-up of the Israeli government is no business of ours, but wholeheartedly supporting our Jewish State is.

Michael Rowe

Young NJA Chairman

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