NJA Condemns Exeter University’s Failure to Protect Jewish Students in Campus Incident

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) strongly condemns the alarming failure of Exeter University to protect Jewish students from harassment and abuse by a mob of approximately 100 pro-Palestine protesters on campus. The horrifying incident, which took place at the university forum, left Jewish students feeling terrified and threatened, with some forced to flee the campus out of fear for their safety.

According to accounts from the victims, the Jewish students were manning an Israel information stall when they were surrounded, verbally abused, and subjected to intimidation tactics by the hostile mob. The attackers hurled fruit squash at the Israeli flag on the stall, tore up informational flyers, and directed hateful rhetoric at the Jewish students, including baseless accusations and personal threats.

Rojin-Sena Cantay, a third-year International Relations student who was present at the stall, was subjected to verbal assaults, including false accusations of personal responsibility for the conflict.

The NJA is deeply troubled by the university’s inadequate response to the incident, particularly its failure to provide sufficient security measures and its dismissal of the Jewish students’ legitimate concerns. Despite requests for police presence, university security reportedly downplayed the severity of the situation, leaving the Jewish students feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

As an organisation committed to combating antisemitism and ensuring the safety and well-being of Jewish communities, the NJA calls on Exeter University to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and take immediate steps to address the systemic failures that allowed such reprehensible behaviour to occur on campus.

The NJA demands accountability, disciplinary action against the perpetrators, and proactive measures to prevent future incidents of harassment and discrimination against Jewish students. In solidarity with the affected students, the NJA reaffirms its commitment to advocating for the rights and dignity of Jewish individuals on university campuses and beyond. Young British Jews are invited to join the NJA’s dedicated youth wing, Young NJA, to connect with like-minded and proudly Zionist Jewish young adults.

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