NJA Objects to UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s Remarks on Palestinian Statehood

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) strongly objects to the recent comments made by UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron regarding Israel’s role in the potential recognition of Palestinian statehood. Cameron’s assertion that Israel should not have veto power over Palestinian statehood is deeply troubling and undermines the fundamental principles of a negotiated peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

The NJA firmly believes that any such recognition must be contingent upon a negotiated agreement between the parties involved. The NJA emphasises that the primary stakeholders in this conflict are Israel and the Palestinians, and any potential peace settlement must be driven by their direct engagement and mutual consent.

Furthermore, the NJA underscores the paramount importance of Israel’s security concerns in any discussions about Palestinian statehood. Israel’s security must be guaranteed for any meaningful progress towards a two-state solution to occur. The NJA agrees with Cameron’s assertion that Hamas, a recognised terrorist organisation, cannot be part of any future plans for Gaza or any configuration for a two-state resolution. Giving Hamas any role, even symbolic or limited, would grant it legitimacy and implicitly reward Hamas for the October 7 massacre and its decades of terror inflicted against Israel.

However, the NJA urges caution in prematurely recognising Palestinian statehood without concrete assurances regarding Israel’s security. Palestinian statehood cannot be unilaterally declared or imposed; it must be the outcome of genuine negotiations and a commitment to peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Such a unilateral recognition would further contravene the letter and spirit of the Oslo Accords, which recognised the necessity for a negotiated peace settlement rather than a third party arbitrarily forcing an unwelcome solution on Israel or the Palestinians.

The NJA calls on the international community, including the United Kingdom, to support a peace process, at a time that is appropriate, that respects the sovereignty and security concerns of Israel.

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