National Jewish Assembly Condemns Peter Ford’s Disrespectful Holocaust Remarks and Insensitive Language Towards Israeli Victims of October 7

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) and its members are profoundly concerned by Peter Ford’s disgraceful conduct during his recent interview on LBC Radio with Nick Ferrari. As Deputy Leader of the Workers Party of Britain, Mr. Ford’s flippant remarks and callous language regarding George Galloway’s comparisons of Israel’s actions in Gaza to the Holocaust, and separately, calling into doubt the atrocities committed against Israel on October 7, are utterly unacceptable and offensive to the Jewish community and all those who stand against hatred and bigotry.

During the interview, Mr. Ford laughed off Mr. Ferrari’s question regarding Galloway’s likening of Israel’s actions in Gaza to the Holocaust, showing a shocking lack of sensitivity and respect for the millions of innocent lives lost during one of humanity’s darkest chapters.

Furthermore, Mr. Ford’s insistence on referring to the Israeli victims of the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks as “alleged victims” is deeply disturbing and implies doubt about the horrifying reality of their murders, torture, rape, and kidnappings at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the NJA, issued a scathing rebuke of Mr. Ford’s behaviour, stating: “Peter Ford’s flippant attitude and dismissive language towards Galloway’s callous between the Israel-Hamas war and the Holocaust, and sewing doubts about the suffering of Israeli victims of the October 7 massacre, are reprehensible and deeply offensive. His refusal to acknowledge the undeniable truth of these atrocities is a shameful display of moral bankruptcy. We stand in solidarity with the victims and survivors, and we call on Mr. Ford and Mr. Galloway to issue immediate apologies for these insensitive remarks.”

The NJA demands accountability and responsibility from public figures like Mr. Ford, who hold positions of influence and authority. Denying or trivialising the suffering of Holocaust victims and Israeli victims of terrorism only serves to perpetuate antisemitism. The NJA remains steadfast in its commitment to combating antisemitism and all forms of hatred, and we call on individuals and organisations to join us in condemning Mr. Ford’s reprehensible behaviour.

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