NJA Condemns Labour Shadow Minister Charalambous for Urging Diaspora Jewry to Push Back on New Israeli Government

The NJA rejects the call of Labour Shadow Minister for the Middle East Bambos Charalambous for the Diaspora to oppose the new Israeli government.

In conversation with JLM Honorary President Dame Louise Ellman at the Jewish Labour Movement’s (JLM) one-day conference on January 8, Charalambous stated that “the Diaspora has a role to play in speaking out about the approach of the [new] Israeli government… any push back would be greatly welcomed.”

Charalambous also declared that “the religious Zionist parties don’t recognise Palestinian rights at all” – a grave mischaracterisation of Israeli attitudes towards Palestinians.

The NJA rejects assertions, such as those expressed by Charalambous, that the Jewish Diaspora is somehow held responsible for Israeli policies, and that the Diaspora need be bifurcated according to those who support or oppose the new Israeli government.

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