National Jewish Assembly applauds Suella Braverman’s comments about political divisions in Jewish communal organizations

The National Jewish Assembly applauds Suella Braverman MP for her recent comments made at the Community Security Trust’s annual dinner, where she highlighted the need for communal organizations to transcend lines of political difference if they are to remain representative of their diverse communities. Braverman’s statement came in response to the Board of Deputies questioning legal aspects of her illegal migration bill earlier this month.

Gary Mond, Chairman and Founder of the NJA, said “When the Home Secretary says that ‘presenting contested political positions as the sentiment of an entire community is a recipe for communal division’ she is absolutely right. For the Board, or any other Jewish communal organisation, to take a partisan political stance on an issue which is of no concern to the Jewish community here and now, is a manifest recipe for divisiveness among Jews in this country.”

Mond added, “The Board has a history of splitting the community in recent years, so in a sense this is no real surprise. The National Jewish Assembly only opines on issues that matter to the Jewish community in the UK as a whole. The NJA commits to supporting the State of Israel, but without interfering in the country’s internal politics or foreign affairs – which are a matter for Israeli citizens only. We provide insights and factual explanations about Israel in a detailed and informed way.”

The NJA commends Braverman for her support of the Online Safety Bill and government funding for the Community Security Trust, as well as her ongoing efforts to stand against antisemitism in all its forms.

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