National Jewish Assembly Applauds BP and Abu Dhabi Oil for Investment in Israel

The National Jewish Assembly extends its congratulations to British Petroleum (BP) and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for their $2 billion joint venture to acquire a 50% stake in Israel’s NewMed natural gas group.

This partnership reflects a positive shift in the Middle East, as it strengthens commercial ties between the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The National Jewish Assembly acknowledges the valuable contribution that BP and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company have made in providing a significant investment in Israel.

This investment will increase the production of gas from the Leviathan offshore field, which produces 12bn cubic meters of gas a year, supplying Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Furthermore, the joint venture signals a promising future for the global energy sector, emphasizing the need for interconnectivity, cooperation, and investment among nations in the Middle East.

This investment also reflects the failure of boycott measures against Israel. As more and more countries recognize the value of investing in Israel and strengthening their ties with the country, it is clear that boycott measures are an abysmal failure.

The National Jewish Assembly commends BP and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for their commitment to investing in Israel and advancing cooperation in the Middle East. The NJA believes that their investment is a significant step in the right direction towards fostering robust trade and interpersonal relationships between Israel and its neighbours.

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