National Jewish Assembly Launches Antisemitism Database

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) unequivocally condemns the recent pro-Hamas rhetoric expressed by certain Muslim religious figures in the United Kingdom. These statements, which glorify and justify the actions of Hamas, a terrorist organisation as recognized by the UK government, are deeply concerning and propagate antisemitism and hatred.

Recent incidents include London-based broadcasters Moataz Matar and Osama Gaweesh celebrating the Hamas atrocities on October 7, where Matar, who boasts over four million subscribers, referred to it as “a day filled with pride and glory”. Furthermore, on the day of the terrorist attack, Imam Shahid Ali of Jamia Islamia Rizva in Bradford, asked Allah to “grant victory to the Muslims of Palestine” in a social media post. His sermon called upon the soldiers of Muslim armies to defend the holy land.

Additionally, on October 13, another Imam at the Islam Bradford Centre invoked a prayer to “purify the Al-Aqsa mosque [in Jerusalem] from the filth of the Jews”. At the Greenwich Islamic Centre, Imam Shakir, in his address, included a prayer for victory over Jews, referencing the Battle of Badr.

In response to these alarming developments, the NJA is launching an online database on its website. This database will document incidents involving individuals in Britain who use their platforms to promote antisemitism – including those who support, shill for, or otherwise defend or justify Hamas’ actions, including the massacre of Israelis on October 7. This initiative is part of its ongoing commitment to combat antisemitism and promote a safe and inclusive society.

The NJA urges community members and the public to report any incidents of antisemitism to the NJA in addition to relevant authorities, especially those involving the glorification of terrorism, to help it maintain this vital resource. The NJA stands firmly against all forms of hatred and remains dedicated to safeguarding the Jewish community in the UK.

The NJA calls on leaders and communities across the UK to join us in condemning these dangerous and divisive narratives and to work towards a future free from antisemitism and hate.

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