National Jewish Assembly hosts speaker series Chanukah event with Israeli Minister Amichai Chikli MK

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is proud to announce the success of its latest speaker series event, ‘The Light of Chanukah During Wartime,’ held on Wednesday, 13th December via Zoom, with over 100 guests in attendance. The event featured a special guest, Amichai Chikli MK, Israel’s Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Minister for Social Equality.

Minister Chikli provided invaluable insights into Israel’s legal and necessary war against Hamas terror. He also explored the critical tasks his ministry is undertaking in strengthening Jewish identity in the Diaspora, combating rising global antisemitism, and fighting against the delegitimisation of Israel.

During the event, Minister Chikli commented, “In these challenging times, as Israel stands firm against the onslaught of Hamas, we are reminded of the enduring message of Chanukah – the triumph of light over darkness. This light symbolises our resilience and unyielding spirit in the face of adversity.”

He also addressed the Jewish diaspora in the UK, saying, “You are on the frontlines of a different battle, where you are fighting against the scourge of antisemitism and Hamas sympathisers in your midst. Your strength and commitment to standing against these forces echo the resolve and courage of our ancestors.”

In his address, Minister Chikli also emphasised the most pressing concern of the current conflict: the future of Gaza post-war. He highlighted, “Determining the fate of Gaza after the war is crucial. We must ensure a strategy that not only rehabilitates the region but also guarantees the long-term security and stability of Israel.”

The NJA extends its gratitude to Minister Chikli for his enlightening and inspiring words, and to all the attendees who made the event a great success. The NJA remains dedicated to organising such events that foster understanding, solidarity, and action in support of Israel and the global Jewish community.

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