National Jewish Assembly Celebrates Chanukah at the House of Lords

The National Jewish Assembly proudly hosted its second annual Chanukah Tea Party at the House of Lords, a significant event that brought together members of the Jewish community during these challenging times. Graciously hosted by Baroness Ruth Deech of Cumnor, the event was a resounding success, attended by 150 guests, including prominent figures from various sectors.

Guest speaker Jonathan Sacerdoti

The Chanukah Tea Party was not only a celebration of the Chag, but also an opportunity to reflect on the profound lessons of Chanukah, especially pertinent in today’s context where Israel is under attack and the Jewish diaspora is being relentlessly intimidated.

Baroness Deech opened the event with a warm welcome, reflected on the successes and continued growth of the NJA throughout 2023, and set the tone for an afternoon of solidarity and hope that the community will celebrate Chanukah in happier times in the future.

Esteemed journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti delivered an inspiring message that resonated with the attendees, reminding that Israel’s war against Hamas is not just the fight of Israel, but of the whole Western world. NJA Chairman Gary Mond addressed the guests, thanking them for their ongoing support and laying out the NJA’s ambitious plans for 2024.

The National Jewish Assembly believes that the lessons of Chanukah are more relevant than ever. In a world where darkness manifests as aggression towards Israel and the Jewish community, the story of Chanukah serves as a powerful reminder that Jews should not hide or, as Menachem Begin said, be Jews “with trembling knees.” Instead, the community should stand firm in our faith and beliefs that have sustained us through the ages.

The event concluded with the lighting of the menorah and singing of Maoz Tsur by NJA Vice Chairman Keith Rowe.

The National Jewish Assembly extends its gratitude to Baroness Ruth Deech for hosting the event and to all the speakers and attendees for making the Chanukah Tea Party a memorable and meaningful celebration. The NJA looks forward to continuing to build a strong, united community that can face challenges with courage and optimism.

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