National Jewish Assembly Hosts Town Hall Discussion on the Future of Jews in the UK

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is delighted to announce the overwhelming success of its recent town hall discussion on the topic “Is there a future for Jews in the UK?” Held on March 17, the event brought together over 150 members of the public and NJA members for a dynamic and insightful dialogue on the challenges facing the Jewish community in the UK.

The town hall discussion provided a vital platform for attendees to express their views, share their concerns, and engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas regarding the rising tide of antisemitism in the UK, exacerbated by the recent pro-Palestine and Hamas-supporting demonstrations. Participants voiced their fears about the increasing hostility towards Jews and the alarming rise in antisemitic incidents across the country.

A poll was conducted at the end of the event to gauge whether attendees thought that there is a future for Jews in the UK. Note: not all attendees voted. The results were:

-“I believe there is a future for Jews in the UK” – (31)%
-“I believe there is no future for Jews in the UK” – (43)%
-“I am still undecided” – (26)%

Amidst this backdrop of heightened tensions, the town hall discussion served as a timely opportunity to foster unity and solidarity within the Jewish community and beyond. The NJA especially thanks its Christian allies for joining the discussion.

Key topics of discussion included assessments of how dire the situation is for Jews in the UK, whether Aliyah should be seriously considered by British Jewry, and concerns about the future safety and security of Jews in the UK.

The NJA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in the town hall discussion. Your contributions enriched the conversation and underscored the resilience and determination of the Jewish community in the face of adversity.

Moving forward, the NJA remains committed to advocating for the rights and interests of Jews in the UK, promoting tolerance, and combating antisemitism in all its forms. Together, we will continue to work towards a future where Jews can thrive and flourish in British society.

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