National Jewish Assembly Concludes Successful Second Solidarity Mission to Israel

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) has just held its second solidarity mission to Israel, aimed at fostering deeper understanding, support, and advocacy for the Jewish state amidst the ongoing challenges and conflicts. The mission, which lasted several days, was marked by poignant experiences, illuminating encounters, and profound reflections on the realities facing Israel and its people since the brutal October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas. In addition to 16 of its members, the NJA was honoured to welcome media personalities André Walker, who presents shows on Talk TV four times a week, and Lois Perry, a regular contributor to both GB News and Talk TV.

The mission commenced with a visit to Har Herzl, a poignant tribute to the brave soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of Israel, including the hero of the Entebbe rescue in 1976, Yoni Netanyahu. From fallen soldiers in wars to victims of terrorist attacks, their unwavering courage and commitment were deeply honoured and remembered. Following this solemn tribute, the delegation proceeded to the Knesset, the heart of Israeli democracy. Engaging with Israeli lawmakers and witnessing the democratic process first hand provided invaluable insights into the nation’s governance. Next was a visit to the historic Zion Gate, where the delegation learned about the profound Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, reaffirming the enduring bond between the Jewish people and their ancestral homeland.

On the following day, the NJA delegation engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue with Deputy British Ambassador Simon O’Donnell at the British Ambassador’s residence, exploring the nuances of the ongoing conflict and understanding the British stance on the war. This exchange of perspectives and insights served to deepen understanding and foster constructive engagement. The day continued with visiting wounded soldiers at the hospital, standing in solidarity at Hostage Square with families affected by Hamas hostage-taking, and gaining invaluable insights from Colonel Richard Kemp’s inspiring briefing.

On the next day, the mission paid a sobering visit to Kfar Aza, where the delegation learned about the tragic events of October 7th and witnessed the enduring impact first hand. The delegation also paid a visit to a unique rest stop run by two brothers, providing support to Israeli soldiers and volunteers, and then the site of the Nova festival, with its memorials to fallen soldiers and hostages

One of the highlights of the trip was an address, in his office at the Knesset, from Amir Ohana, Speaker of the Knesset. Mr Ohana explained the latest developments in the war, emphasised the strategy of the IDF in seeking to bring the hostages home and the elimination of Hamas, and setting out possible developments fpr the region in the medium to long term.

Finally, on the last evening, the NJA was honoured to welcome Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, for an informal discussion on the latest developments in Israel and the region.

Gary Mond, NJA Chairman who participated in the mission, said: “It is important that the NJA provides opportunities to its members to join a trip to Israel which is rich in experiences of Israeli people, places and events, and also to engage in political debate with Israeli figures. Moreover, bringing with us British TV personalities who regularly interview politicians and political analysts in the UK is a huge boon to the group.”

The NJA is planning further missions for its members to Israel this year. Those organised by the NJA will include (as well as plenty of important visits and meetings) (i) face to face conversations with Israeli government ministers and (ii), among the delegation, figures from television and the press in the UK. To find out more and to join the NJA please visit our website at

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