National Jewish Assembly Expresses Deep Concern Over Election of George Galloway in Rochdale By-Election

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) expresses profound concern over the election of George Galloway in the Rochdale by-election.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the National Jewish Assembly, said “George Galloway’s appalling views on Israel, its residents and supporters, together with his links with Iran, Hamas and other Islamist groups make his election as MP for Rochdale highly regrettable. However, it is imperative that we play the ball and not the man. Comments such as describing him as a “demagogue” and “conspiracy theorist” do our community no good at all. Instead, we must focus on defeating his arguments, in particular supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against the massacres of 7 October, emphasising Israel’s right to exist and refuting the ridiculous allegations that Israel is an apartheid state.”

Galloway’s history of antisemitism and divisive politics underscores the urgent need for vigilance in combating hate speech and intolerance. The NJA condemns in the strongest terms Galloway’s history of antisemitic rhetoric and divisive actions. His victory speech, echoing previous messages of hostility and confrontation, is deeply troubling and underscores the urgent need for greater accountability and responsibility in public discourse.

Galloway’s leafleting of Muslim voters with misleading information in the lead-up to the by-election was highly inflammatory and divisive. By spreading such misinformation, Galloway aims to exploit religious and political sentiments for personal gain, undermining the integrity of the electoral process.

The NJA condemns Galloway’s attempt to manipulate voters by claiming that Labour betrayed Muslims by supporting Israel’s alleged “genocide” among other patently erroneous accusations. Such comments perpetuate falsehoods and incite hostility toward Jewish communities. Galloway’s exploitation of the Israel-Hamas war to serve his political agenda at the expense of community harmony is deplorable at best.

As an organisation committed to combating antisemitism, standing with Israel, and promoting Jewish life in the UK, the NJA calls on all political parties and leaders to unequivocally reject and condemn antisemitism in all its forms.

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