National Jewish Assembly’s Speaker Series Event Illuminates Media’s Role During Israel-Hamas War

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is proud to have hosted another successful speaker series event, “The Sun: A Light In A Biased Media.” Held on Wednesday, November 29th, the event featured a compelling conversation between Jon Rogers, a seasoned journalist with The Sun, and Jonathan Sacerdoti, a prominent broadcaster and journalist.

Amidst the backdrop of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, this Zoom event provided valuable insights into media coverage and its impact on public perception. The NJA recognises the pivotal role that the media plays during such crises, shaping narratives and influencing perspectives.

Jon Rogers, with over two decades of experience covering both domestic and foreign affairs, including extensive reporting on the Israel-Hamas war, shared his unique insights into The Sun’s approach to covering this complex conflict, and his hopes that the current war will ultimately lead to a lasting resolution to the conflict.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, a distinguished UK Correspondent for i24 News and Special Correspondent at the Jewish Chronicle, added depth to the discussion with his analytical expertise. Sacerdoti’s illumination of “media neutrality,” and under which circumstances it applies, was especially insightful. Together, they illuminated the vital role that the media has in disseminating accurate information and dispelling misinformation.

The event attracted a large audience, including over 120 members of the British Jewish community and individuals interested in informed, balanced reporting during challenging times. Participants engaged in a lively discussion and had the opportunity to ask questions, fostering greater understanding of the media’s role in shaping public opinion, especially during the ongoing war.

The NJA remains committed to keeping the British Jewish community well-informed and prepared to combat antisemitic misinformation. By facilitating events like “The Sun: A Light in a Biased Media,” the NJA strives to empower individuals with knowledge and insight to navigate media coverage responsibly.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to evolve, the NJA will continue its efforts to provide accurate information and promote constructive dialogue. The organisation expresses gratitude to Jon Rogers, Jonathan Sacerdoti, and all participants for their active engagement in this critical discussion.

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