NJA Speaker Event With Lt. Col. Richard Hecht and Lyn Julius

The NJA was thrilled to host our latest speaker event with honoured guests Lt. Col. Richard Hecht – IDF International Spokesperson and Lyn Julius – Journalist and Co-Founder of Harif.

During the two-hour event, Lt. Col. Hecht shared his insights into contemporary geopolitical issues facing Israel, Diaspora relations, and what motivates him in his role as IDF International Spokesperson.

Lyn Julius provided a fascinating introduction to Mizrachi history and culture, and illuminated the pressing need for greater representation and understanding of Mizrachim.

The NJA thanks all speakers for giving us their time and insights, and looks forward to welcoming them to future events.

The NJA also wishes to thank the 60+ guests who joined the virtual event and for participating in the Q&A session.

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