NJA Condemns Brixton Palestine Solidarity Campaign Pamphlets

The NJA strongly condemns the pamphlet recently posted on Instagram by a Brixton branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), urging British workers to root out “Zionist” colleagues and have them fired. The pamphlet promotes hatred and bigotry towards a particular group of people and advocates for their discrimination based on their beliefs.

The booklet suggests that Zionists should be boycotted and sanctioned and their supporters should be refused conversation. Such extremist views have no place in a civilized society and only create further division and animosity. We believe that constructive dialogue and peaceful coexistence is the only way forward towards achieving lasting peace in the Middle East.

Garry Abrams, Chair of the NJA Israel Committee, said “As the vast majority of Jewish people in the United Kingdom support Zionism, this call from the PSC Brixton branch to root out Zionists and have them expelled from their places of employment is not only disgusting but is against the PSC’s own charter which specifically states they are against anti-Jewish discrimination. We call for the PSC to immediately disassociate themselves from their Brixton branch and for any public figures who support the PSC to condemn this anti-Jewish racist declaration.”

The NJA also condemns the harmful language used in the pamphlet, labelling Zionists as a “brainwashed, racist minority” and that “if a Zionist wants to talk to you, direct them to a therapist. As no logical, sane or moral person is a Zionist.” The pamphlets also call for Zionists to be fired from their workplaces. Such language only serves to further polarize and incite hatred towards a group of people based on their beliefs.

We stand by the International Definition of Antisemitism and recognize that Zionism is simply the movement to afford Jews the right of self-determination in Israel afforded to other peoples all over the world and recognized in Article 1 of the UN Charter. To deny this right is to deny the basic principles of human rights and equality.

We call on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to retract the pamphlet and issue an apology for their promotion of hate speech and discrimination. We also urge all individuals to educate themselves on the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict and to reject attempts by anti-Israel agitators to demonise Israel and its supporters.

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