National Jewish Assembly slams Defend Israeli Democracy UK for attempting in vain to obstruct Diaspora-Israel relationship

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) expresses its concern over the recent protests against judicial reform in Israel, organised by Defend Israeli Democracy UK. While it respects the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, the NJA believes that constructive dialogue and engagement are more effective means of conveying the Diaspora’s sentiments to the Israeli government.

The demonstrations in Trafalgar Square on Sunday September 10, which drew a minute number of attendees, have only served to heighten the deep divisions and concerns within our community regarding Israel’s domestic affairs.

However, we firmly believe that obstructing the Diaspora-Israel relationship, as these protests appear to do, is not conducive to finding solutions or fostering a better understanding of the complexities surrounding these issues. It is essential that all parties involved engage in meaningful dialogue to address their concerns and work towards a resolution.

The NJA encourages Defend Israeli Democracy UK and all those who share their concerns to seek opportunities for constructive engagement with Israeli leaders, policymakers, and organisations. Open and respectful dialogue can lead to a better understanding of the challenges faced by both Israelis and members of the Diaspora.

The NJA understands the importance of expressing solidarity with Israelis who are protesting in Israel and acknowledge the impact of such support. However, it is equally important to maintain open channels of communication that allow for a productive exchange of ideas and perspectives.

The NJA remains committed to promoting unity, understanding, and the protection of democratic values within the Jewish community and beyond. The NJA believes that peaceful dialogue and cooperation are essential for addressing complex issues effectively and maintaining strong connections between the Diaspora and Israel.

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