National Jewish Assembly applauds foreign secretary James Cleverly’s commitment to renewing and deepening security ties between the UK and Israel

The National Jewish Assembly commends Foreign Secretary James Cleverly for his visit to Israel and his commitment to strengthening security ties between the United Kingdom and Israel. This historic visit reaffirms the importance of a strong partnership in the face of regional security threats.

During his visit, Foreign Secretary Cleverly delivered a speech at an international security conference, where he condemned Iran’s support for terrorism in Israel through groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The National Jewish Assembly appreciates his clear stance against Iran’s destabilising activities in the region, which pose a significant threat to peace and security.

The Foreign Secretary’s support for a two-state solution aligns with the aspirations of many for lasting peace and stability in the Middle East. His emphasis on dialogue and cooperation between Israel and the OPTs to end the cycle of violence is a positive step towards a more peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians.

The NJA recognises that a strong and secure Israel is essential for regional stability, and we welcome the Foreign Secretary’s efforts to reinforce this partnership. The visit to Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system underscores the importance of countering threats effectively.

The NJA thanks Foreign Secretary Cleverly for his dedication to promoting security, cooperation, and peace in the Middle East. His visit sends a strong message of solidarity and commitment to the region.

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