NJA Launches Youth Wing – Young NJA

The National Jewish Assembly was delighted to formally launch its dedicated youth wing, Young NJA, at its first meeting on November 7.

The Young NJA offers a platform for young Jewish adults (aged 16-30) to develop a robust network of like-minded people, attend events with high-quality speakers and develop advocacy skills to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel bias. Members of Young NJA will also have the opportunity to engage with other youth wings from other countries through the NJA’s affiliation with various international partners.

Young NJA Chairman Michael Rowe, aged 22, opened the event by speaking on the necessity for young conservative Jews to be represented in communal organisations, and to convey their views and interests to decision makers – an essential role which the NJA aims to fulfil. Rowe underscored that, “For too long, young Jews in the UK have been presumed to be a homogeneous, left-leaning group. We need to change this mischaracterisation and reform our representation.”

The NJA wishes to thank guest speaker Ziv Zelinger, Central Shaliach to Europe for the Jewish Agency, for sharing his insights with the audience and highlighting the exciting programs and initiatives that the Jewish Agency is facilitating in the UK and in Israel.

Young NJA Membership is available for £10, with a further discounted rate of £5 for those in education. Membership applications can be submitted via the NJA website (https://nja.org.uk/product/membership/).

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