Fighting Online Antisemitism Founders Tomer Aldubi and Nir Kaplan addresses the National Jewish Assembly on how to fight antisemitism

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) hosted a highly successful event focused on the critical issue of “Fighting Online Antisemitism.” The event featured a distinguished guest speakers, Mr. Tomer Aldubi and Mr. Nir Kaplan, the founders of Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA), a prominent and effective Israeli NGO dedicated to combating online antisemitism across various platforms both in Israel and internationally.

The hybrid event, held on June 1 online and at a private location, brought together a diverse audience of community leaders, activists, and concerned individuals deeply invested in addressing the rising tide of online antisemitism. Attendees were eager to learn from Aldubi’s extensive experience and expertise in tackling this pressing issue.

Aldubi’s impressive background includes serving as a Jewish Agency Representative in New York, USA, and as the head of “Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism,” a groundbreaking program initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Union of Israeli Students.

During his captivating presentation, Aldubi provided valuable insights into the nature and scope of online antisemitism, highlighting the various strategies employed by FOA to combat this form of hatred. He shared compelling examples of their successful initiatives and emphasised the importance of collective action in creating a safer digital environment for Jewish communities.

The event also featured an engaging question and answer session, allowing attendees to further explore the nuances and challenges of fighting online antisemitism. The exchange of ideas and experiences fostered a spirit of collaboration and inspired participants to take an active role in countering hatred in the digital sphere.

The NJA commends Aldubi and the Fighting Online Antisemitism organisation for their dedication and remarkable achievements in combating online antisemitism. This event serves as a powerful reminder of the collective responsibility we all share in creating a more inclusive and tolerant society, free from the perils of online hate.

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