National Jewish Assembly’s Campaign Gains Momentum, Prompting Responses from Local Governments and Venues

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA), in collaboration with the West Midlands Friends of Israel, North West Friends of Israel, North London Friends of Israel, and Glasgow Friends of Israel, has achieved several success in its ongoing email writing campaign aimed at urging venues to reconsider hosting Roger Waters’ performances. The campaign has reached a significant milestone, with over 17,000 emails sent to the venues, and the numbers continue to rise rapidly.

The impact of the NJA’s campaign has not gone unnoticed, as several local governments and venues have directly responded to the concerns expressed by the Jewish community. In particular, the leader of Birmingham Council and relevant cabinet members have written to The NEC Group, owners of the Utilita Arena, expressing their deep concerns and seeking assurances ahead of Roger Waters’ upcoming concert in Birmingham.

The council’s leaders have urged the Chief Executive of The NEC Group to ensure that elements of Waters’ previous show, which included antisemitic tropes and the appearance of an outfit that could be legitimately described as Nazi in appearance, are not replicated in the Birmingham concert. Their commitment to promoting inclusivity and combating antisemitism is evident in their proactive approach to addressing the community’s concerns.

Unfortunately, despite the clear calls for sensitivity and respect, Waters has chosen to persist with his offensive and antisemitic stunts in at least subsequent concert.

The NJA and its dedicated partners remain steadfast in their commitment to combating antisemitism and ensuring the safety and well-being of Jewish communities. The overwhelming response from concerned individuals across the UK, who have actively participated in this campaign, reflects a collective determination to create a society that values diversity, understanding, and tolerance.

The NJA would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to the campaign, reinforcing the importance of standing against bigotry and discrimination. By working together, we can create a society where antisemitism has no place, and every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

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