NJA hosts timely online speaker Event ‘The ICC vs Israel’ with Professor Avi Bell

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is pleased to announce the resounding success of our recent online event, “The ICC vs Israel,” held on Tuesday, May 28th. The event featured Professor Avi Bell, a member of the Faculty of Law at Bar Ilan University and the University of San Diego School of Law, Senior Fellow at Jerusalem’s Kohelet Policy Forum and an expert in international law and the laws of war.

As the International Criminal Court (ICC) moves to seek arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister and Defence Minister alongside Hamas leaders, this timely discussion provided invaluable insights into the political and legal ramifications of these actions. Professor Bell expertly navigated the complexities of the ICC’s politicisation, its jurisdiction (or lack thereof) concerning Israel, and the potential domestic and global repercussions for Israel. He also dissected the main charges against Netanyahu and Gallant and assessed the likelihood of the ICC’s arrest warrant applications being granted.

Throughout the event, Professor Bell fielded a wide range of questions from the audience, addressing the veracity of the legal arguments against Israel. He provided a thorough examination of the anti-Israel media environment, highlighting the role of social media as a “visceral medium that plays upon pre-existing prejudice against the Jewish people and the Jewish state.” Additionally, Professor Bell scrutinised the bias of the ICC judges, challenging their ability to remain impartial in this case.

The NJA remains committed to fostering informed discussions on critical issues affecting the Jewish community and Israel. The overwhelming participation and engagement in this event underscore the community’s dedication to understanding and addressing these complex legal and political challenges.

The NJA extends its gratitude to Professor Avi Bell for his enlightening presentation and to all participants for their thoughtful questions and contributions. The NJA looks forward to continuing to provide platforms for such important conversations and to advocating for the interests and rights of the Jewish community both in the UK and globally.

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