NJA Hosts Successful Zoom Speaker Event with Steve McCabe MP on Labour Antisemitism

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) hosted another successful Zoom speaker event with Steve McCabe MP, Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak and Parliamentary Chair for Labour Friends of Israel, in conversation with Gary Mond, Chairman of the NJA. The March 11 event, titled “Is the Labour Party rid of antisemitism?”, was held online with over 120 guests in attendance.

During the event, Steve McCabe MP addressed the issue of antisemitism within the Labour Party, emphasising that it is a perpetual issue that large political groups and organisations need to be vigilant against. He highlighted that Labour’s antisemitism problem did not simply begin with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and discussed the party’s efforts to take its zero-tolerance policy on antisemitism seriously.

Mr. McCabe also expressed his hope that the United Kingdom will continue to stand with Israel during this challenging time. He emphasised the importance of maintaining strong relations with Israel and supporting its right to exist in peace and security.

The event included a dynamic question-and-answer session, where participants had the opportunity to engage directly with Mr. McCabe and Mr. Mond on a wide range of relevant topics. Discussions ranged from the impact of antisemitism on British politics to the role of grassroots activism in combating discrimination.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the NJA, expressed his gratitude to Steve McCabe MP for his insightful contributions to the discussion. He commended the engagement of the attendees and reiterated the NJA’s commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding on issues relevant to the Jewish community.

The NJA looks forward to hosting more engaging and informative events in the future, bringing together diverse voices to address pressing issues facing the Jewish community and society as a whole.

For more information about the National Jewish Assembly and upcoming events, please visit our “Upcoming Events” page.

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