NJA Applauds Lib Dem Leader’s Call for ICC Action Against Hamas Terrorists

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) commends Liberal Democrats leader Ed Davey for his bold initiative urging Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron to lobby the International Criminal Court (ICC) for international arrest warrants against Hamas terrorists involved in planning the October 7 massacre. Davey’s decisive action underscores the urgent need for accountability at an international level for the crimes perpetrated by Hamas.

In his letter to Lord Cameron, Davey emphasised the necessity of holding Hamas accountable for their atrocities. The NJA fully supports this call for justice and echoes Davey’s sentiment that there must be consequences for the reprehensible actions carried out by Hamas militants. The NJA stands in solidarity with the victims of these brutal attacks and their families, who deserve justice and closure in the face of such senseless violence.

The NJA also recognises the significance of Davey’s visit to Israel, where he witnessed firsthand the devastation wrought by Hamas. His interactions with Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid and other stakeholders underscore his commitment to promoting peace and security in the region.

As an organisation dedicated to combating terrorism and promoting the rule of law, the NJA applauds Davey’s leadership in advocating for accountability and justice. The issuance of international arrest warrants by the ICC would send a powerful message that perpetrators of terrorism will be held accountable for their actions, regardless of where they occur.

Furthermore, the NJA calls on the international community to support Davey’s initiative and to stand united against terrorism in all its forms. Hamas’s continued reign of terror undermines prospects for peace and stability in the region and must be met with unwavering resolve.

The NJA urges Lord Cameron to heed Davey’s call and to actively support efforts to bring Hamas terrorists to justice.

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