NJA Condemns the Reinstatement of the Voices of Resilience Event by HOME

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) expresses profound disappointment and concern over HOME Theatre’s decision to reinstate with the Voices of Resilience event. This decision blatantly disregards the serious reservations highlighted by our community regarding the involvement of a contributor known for making deeply offensive references to the Holocaust and engaging in undeniable antisemitic rhetoric.

NJA Managing Director Steve Winston said, “In reinstating the Voices of Resilience event, HOME has made a deeply troubling decision that flies in the face of our shared values of respect, understanding, and community cohesion. By giving a platform to individuals who have blatantly engaged in antisemitic hate speech and revisionist narratives, HOME is not only failing in its duty of care to the community but is actively contributing to the normalisation of hate. This is not a matter of silencing voices; it is about drawing a clear line against the spread of venomous ideologies under the guise of cultural expression. It is a sad day when an institution that should stand as a beacon of cultural enrichment and unity decides to side with, or kowtow to, divisiveness and intolerance.”

Despite the NJA and the Jewish Representative Council’s efforts to separately communicate these legitimate concerns, HOME has unfortunately chosen to ignore the voices of the Jewish community, opting instead to provide a platform that emboldens antisemites, historical revisionists, and those who justify violence against Jews and Israelis. This action not only undermines the fight against antisemitism but also poses a significant threat to community cohesion and the safety of Jewish individuals.

The explanation offered by HOME, citing safety concerns due to external pressure, is insufficient and does not justify the elevation of individuals who propagate hate speech. It is crucial for cultural institutions like HOME to exercise due diligence and responsibility in their programming, ensuring that they do not inadvertently endorse or amplify harmful ideologies under the guise of free expression.

The NJA urges HOME Theatre to, yet again, reconsider its stance on the Voices of Resilience event and to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Jewish community to address these concerns. The NJA calls upon its supporters and allies to join us in demanding that antisemitism has no place in the UK.

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