NJA Celebrates Israel’s Triumph Over Coordinated Iranian Attack

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) proudly celebrates Israel’s remarkable triumph in thwarting the recent coordinated assault launched by Iran, involving hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles from multiple fronts including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. This unprecedented attack marks a significant escalation in regional tensions and underscores the continuous threats posed by Iran and its proxies.

Israel’s air-defence systems, including the legendary Iron Dome, and the collaborative efforts with the Royal Air Force (RAF) and other allied forces played a critical role in intercepting the majority of these threats, showcasing the advanced capabilities and readiness of Israel’s defence strategies. The effectiveness of these measures not only protected countless lives but also demonstrated the resilience and strength of Israel in the face of such formidable challenges.

Gary Mond, Chairman of the NJA, commented on the victory: “In an astounding display of defence, Israel has once again proven its resilience and strategic prowess by intercepting an aggressive and coordinated attack by Iran and its proxies intended to undermine peace in the region. We are deeply grateful for the support from our own government and the RAF during these trying times. This triumph not only celebrates the forces of good dedicated to preserving life, but also highlights the futility of the forces of evil committed to destruction. The NJA will always proudly stand with Israel.”

This intense military engagement illustrates not just a local but a global conflict, with Israel defending not only its own sovereignty but also the democratic values and security interests of the Western world. The NJA emphasises the importance of continued international support for Israel, advocating for enhanced cooperation in diplomatic, policy, and military arenas to ensure that Israel remains a bulwark against aggression.

The NJA calls upon the global community to recognise and champion these heroic acts of defence as a cornerstone for international peace and stability, encouraging all nations to stand in solidarity with Israel.

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