NJA condemns Palestinian and Hezbollah terror attacks

The National Jewish Assembly are appalled by the recent rocket attacks from Gaza and Lebanon, as well as the Palestinian terror attacks yesterday, Friday 7th April – the second day of Passover – which claimed the lives of two British-Israeli sisters, Maya and Rina Dee from Efrat, and Italian tourist Alessandro Parini in Tel Aviv, whilst injuring others including Maya and Rina’s mother who remains in critical condition in hospital.

The NJA condemns the Palestinian militant agitators who have once again hijacked the holy month of Ramadan by using the Al-Aqsa mosque as a weapons compound in order to attack Israeli security forces who have acted in the interests of those thousands of Muslims who simply wanted to pray at Al-Aqsa this Ramadan.

Whilst the NJA appreciates the condemnation of these heinous attacks by members of our government, calling for restraint on both sides is unhelpful and appears to seek to draw an equivalence between the sovereign UN member state of Israel and Palestinian terrorists who continue to be encouraged and incentivised by the two sets of Palestinian leaders, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The NJA is also disappointed with certain MPs who all but fell over their own feet in their rush to condemn Israel’s actions to root out the militant Palestinian agitators in the Al-Aqsa mosque but who have so far failed to condemn the murder of the two British sisters.

The NJA unequivocally supports Israel’s right to self defence against continued Palestinian terrorism as well as the rocket attacks by Hezbollah and stands firmly in support of whatever action Israel’s government decides to take in order to protect all of its citizens.

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