The National Jewish Assembly Condemns Russia for Inviting Roger Waters to Address UN Security Council

The NJA is disappointed that the United Nations Security Council allowed Roger Waters, whose history of antisemitism is well documented, to address the body on February 9, 2023. Waters was invited by the Russia – a permanent member of the Security Council.

While the bulk of Water’s speech was dedicated to apologia for Russia and promoting an anti-Western narrative in the Ukraine-Russia War, Waters couldn’t resist trying to make this issue about the Palestinians, his cause célèbre.

This is not the first time that Waters has been given a platform at the United Nations from which he could promote his hatred of Israel. On November 29, 2012 Waters accused Israel of “international crimes,” “apartheid,” and “ethnic cleansing.” Waters also alleged that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is comparable to the Nazi treatment of citizens in France, Holland, Poland, or Czechoslovakia throughout the course of World War II.

In a July 2022 interview, Waters labeled Zionists as “settler-colonialist,” insinuated that Jews had no connection to the land of Israel, and alleged that Zionism is “about a bunch of Europeans back in the middle of the 19th century deciding that they were going to take over this piece of land, and kick out anybody that lived there and take it over for themselves and their own little cabal.”

In May 2021 at the height of the flare-up with Hamas in Gaza, Waters condemned Israel’s self-defence actions during an interview with Al Jazeera. The incident saw saw over 4,000 rockets launched by Palestinian terrorist organisations Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad towards Israeli communities.

In an June 2020 interview, Waters described Zionism as “an ugly stain” which “needs to be gently removed.” In 2019, he appeared to compare Israelis to aliens in a rant about Israel hosting the 2019 Eurovision contest. In a concert held in Poland in August 2018, Waters projected the phrase “resist Israeli anti-Semitism” onto the stage where he was performing.

In March 2013, Waters was interviewed on The Electronic Intifada, a popular anti-Israel media outlet, and accused Israel of maintaining an apartheid state. In 2010, Waters’ shows included videos containing various symbols that placed the Star of David next to dollar signs. During one such concert in Belgium, Waters used a pig-shaped balloon with the Star of David on it.

Waters is an adamant supporter of the antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement which seeks to isolate Israel and undermine its Jewish character.

The NJA objects to the UN Security Council giving a platform to Israel-haters, and condemns Russia for inviting Waters to address the body.

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