NJA Condemns Palestinian Terror Attacks in Jerusalem

The NJA is shocked and horrified by reports of two terrorist attacks conducted by Palestinian terrorist gunman against Jews in Jerusalem over Shabbat.

On Friday evening, a Palestinian gunman opened fire at Jewish congregants who were leaving the Ateret Abraham synagogue in the Jerusalem suburb of Neve Yaakov. This attack claimed the lives of 7 people and injured 10 worshippers.

Later on Saturday morning, a thirteen-year-old Palestinian gunman attacked a group of Jews in the Silwan neighbourhood of Jerusalem, shooting and wounding two.

The victims of these heinous attacks were ]specifically targeted by the terrorists because of their Jewish identity.

Steve Winston, Managing Director of the NJA, said “Israel’s efforts to protect all of its citizens by rooting out terrorists can never be held up as an excuse for targeting and killing civilians, as the Palestinian terrorist did last night in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov suburb.”

Winston added, “That a 13 year old Palestinian child felt emboldened to then shoot 2 Israeli Jews is as disturbing as it is utterly shocking, and bolsters the longstanding assertions by Israel that the Palestinian leaders’ incitement to terrorism encourages its children to hate to the point that they want to go out and kill Jews.”

The NJA is disgusted by the glorification of this inhumane and evil act by Palestinian terrorist groups including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who have explicitly praised the attackers for their actions.

The NJA prays for the victims and their families. May their memories be a blessing.

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