NJA Condemns Lenient Sentence for Golders Green Kosher Supermarket Knife Attack

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) is appalled by the lenient sentence handed down to Gabriel Abdullah, the 34-year-old man who terrorised staff at a kosher supermarket in Golders Green with a knife while demanding their views on Israel and Palestine. Abdullah was arrested in January and initially charged with a hate crime, but ultimately received two suspended sentences, along with a nine-month alcohol treatment requirement.

NJA Chairman Gary Mond expressed outrage at the verdict, stating, “The decision to spare Gabriel Abdullah a prison sentence is a gross miscarriage of justice. This individual threatened the lives of innocent people, instigating fear and trauma within the Jewish community. Such a lenient sentence undermines the severity of his actions and sends a dangerous message that hate-fuelled violence will be met with minimal consequences.” Mond continued. “The community’s safety has been compromised by this lenient sentence, and the judicial system has failed to deliver justice.”

The attack, which was initially treated as a hate crime by the police, left the Jewish community shaken. Yosef Reitman, who bravely intervened to prevent the attack, expressed his disbelief at the sentence, describing it as “way too lenient” and indicating plans to seek an appeal.

“Mental health considerations are important, but they should not overshadow the need for accountability and justice,” added Mond. “Abdullah’s actions could have resulted in tragic consequences, and the judicial response should have reflected the gravity of the offence.”

The NJA calls for a reassessment of the sentencing guidelines in cases involving hate crimes and violent acts to ensure that justice is served, and the safety of all communities is prioritised. The NJA urges the authorities to take stronger action against those who perpetrate hate-fuelled violence and to support victims who are left to deal with the aftermath.

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