National Jewish Assembly Commends Venues For Halting Screening Of Antisemitic Film And Urges Caution

The National Jewish Assembly applauds the decision of The Lubber Fiend, a music venue in Newcastle, to cancel the screening of the deeply problematic film “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn! The Big Lie” after discussions with Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA). This action follows the recent trend of various institutions cancelling screenings of this film due to its disturbing content.

The film, which features the former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, claims to “investigate the ‘secret war’ waged against Corbyn” while raising questions about an alleged “orchestrated campaign” against him. The roster of contributors includes controversial figures, such as Jackie Walker, who previously made offensive statements about Jews, and Ken Loach, who refused to condemn Holocaust denial in a BBC interview. Graham Bash, associated with Jewish Voice for Labour, a group criticised for downplaying antisemitism, and Moshe Machover, a Holocaust revisionist, also contribute.

It is encouraging to see various venues, including Glastonbury Festival, YMCA, Unite union, and others, making principled decisions to cancel screenings of this film, which perpetuates harmful stereotypes and downplays antisemitism.

While the NJA commends those venues for their prompt actions, it urges other venues to exercise caution before hosting such screenings. The film’s contributors have a history of promoting antisemitism and controversial ideologies, thus contributing to a divisive narrative that harms the Jewish community.

The NJA notes the CAA’s steadfast efforts in raising awareness and working with venues to cancel screenings deserve commendation. Their dedication to combating antisemitism is essential in protecting the values of inclusivity and tolerance that our society holds dear.

The NJA remains committed to addressing antisemitism and promoting understanding among diverse communities.

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