National Jewish Assembly applauds victory for justice as Abdullah Qureshi sentenced for antisemitic crimes

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) commends the justice system for its resolute handling of the case against Abdullah Qureshi, who has been sentenced for a series of racially aggravated assaults against religious Jews. The NJA applauds the sentencing as a strong deterrent against hate crimes and a testament to the perseverance required to achieve justice.

The court proceedings, which spanned almost two years, revealed the severity of Qureshi’s attacks on five religious Jews in Stamford Hill, North London. The judge rightly described these crimes as “terrible events for the entire Jewish community.” The NJA acknowledges that these assaults caused not only physical harm but also inflicted deep emotional distress upon the victims.

The NJA acknowledges the crucial role of Campaign Against Antisemitism, Shomrim, CST, and others in pressuring the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to reinstate the racially/religiously aggravated charges that were initially dropped. This outcome demonstrates the importance of holding perpetrators accountable and ensuring justice for victims of antisemitic crimes.

While the sentence issues an order under section 37 with a section 41 restriction due to Qureshi’s diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, the NJA believes that the verdict sends a clear message that society will not tolerate hate crimes. The NJA supports the restraining order imposed on Qureshi, demonstrating that there are consequences for those who perpetrate such vile acts.

However, the NJA reiterates that the fight against antisemitism requires vigilance and unwavering commitment. Antisemitic incidents are alarmingly common, with statistics showing over five hate crimes directed at Jews each day in England and Wales. The NJA encourages all stakeholders, including the CPS and community organisations, to remain steadfast in their efforts to combat hate and ensure that victims receive the justice they deserve.

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