NJA Commends Mohammed Amin MBE FRSA for His Principled Stand Against Antisemitism

The National Jewish Assembly (NJA) extends its sincere commendation to Mohammed Amin MBE FRSA for his unwavering commitment to principles of justice and righteousness. Mr. Amin’s recent resignation as Chairman of the Islam and Liberty Network (ILN) serves as a beacon of integrity within the think tank space and exemplifies his moral clarity in denouncing Hamas and those who endorse terrorism.

Amin, a successful businessman and champion for individual liberties, is known for his dedication to fostering interfaith dialogue and exceptional commitment to the cause of freedom and liberty. As Co-Chair of the Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester, he has worked to strengthen relations between the Jewish and Muslim communities in Manchester and beyond.

Mr. Amin’s decision to resign from his position as Chairman of the ILN is a testament to his resolute stance against antisemitism and the endorsement of terrorism. Amin wrote on Twitter, “Yesterday I resigned as Chairman of the Islam and Liberty Network because the ILN Council voted against my proposals for dealing with social media activity by ILN Assistant Director Tasnim Idriss following her post of 7 Oct which I consider indicates her supporting the actions [of] Hamas that day.”

The post in question by Tasnim Idriss states, “#Palestine has the absolute right to initiate any kind of attack to defend itself against the 76 year old Zionist occupation. It’s called resistance, it’s legitimate, and everyone should be supporting it. #AlAqsaFlood.” Idriss is based in Tunisia.

Amin’s decision to resign underscores the importance of moral clarity during this extremely challenging time and remaining committed to combating antisemitism and terrorism. The NJA applauds Mr. Amin’s dedication to upholding the values of justice, liberty, and coexistence.

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